Why The Federal Government Took Over College Debt

Those were the good ole days. You could buy a loaf of bread for a nickel, buy a car for two grand, wait until marriage to have sex, and go to college for 800 bucks. Wow! Those WERE the good ole days. Too bad they are now the big bad nights. People can’t even see the sun during midday because they are under crushing mounds of debt. At present, a loaf of bread is $2.50, you need about to 25 grand to buy a decent brand new car, there are no such things as virgins (or marriage for that matter), and college can you put into $50,000 worth of debt.

Not long ago, the college loan market was like any other market in the world. Loan companies and banks set up student loans and competed with each other to give us the lowest rate in order to capture our business. Spanking system and this is how the “free market” is supposed to work, nonetheless, it’s been raped and molested over and over again by our registered offender…the US Government!

The United States government is on par with a mafia or cartel in the fact they can come in and take over whenever they’d like under the guise of national security, eminent domain, the Patriot Act, or some other inane law they made up in the middle of the night to seize control of our lives. What a bunch of f***ing scumbags! The banks and private lenders have been pushed out, and now the government has a monopoly of college student loans. No discounts on loans because there is no other competitor to play the game with. The loan is unforgivable…thus, a bankruptcy won’t get rid of it. What’s even worse, if you borrow $26,400 in student loans…well don’t take my word…look at the pic below.


College DebtWe have to decide if college is worth this great life-crushing risk. I’ll say it because there are nothing but weak pussies who only want to “toe” the line on this subject. I say f*** the line! Don’t go to school, college, or any other school that takes government loans. I know, I know. Then how will I get my education? My degree? A job? Shut up you whining jerk off! If you like being 45 grand in the hole AFTER you’ve paid the full amount for your education, go to college. If you need a piece of paper that costs $8.95 at Staples in order to validate your existence, go to college. If you want to have a never-ending monthly payment so that you have virtually no chance of purchasing anything you really want out of life, go to college. Finally, if you’re thinking “if I don’t go to college, I won’t get a job”…WAKE THE F*** UP! You don’t need school or college if you train yourself (like your parents instilled in you that college was important) to learn what you need to in order to make money.

In case you missed it, the purpose of our educational system is to skill you in a field so you can…ready…MAKE MONEY. Most of the billionaires in the world are dropouts. Enough said. The majority of millionaires on the planet are dropouts or never sat in a college classroom. I’ll make you a promise…if you ask 100 people (at random) if they’d leave their job right now for $1,000,000, I’d guess 98 of them would say “yes”. We want the good life, yet somehow we believe luxury estates and exotic cars can be had on a salary. Hell no! Those goodies only come from PROFITS. Owning a business that pays you large sums whether you are there or not.

Think on this people. See you in the next post.

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