Why Gay People Should Not Go To College

I know what you are thinking, “What the f*ck do you mean gay people shouldn’t go to college, we are just as intelligent and deserving as the next person going to college”. Don’t try to gang bang me all at once, let me explain.

Why Gay People Should Not Go To College

GaysI never get off on a negative bag, so here’s the deal. From what I’ve witnessed in society, the gay faction has been the one posse of people who have had the most pressing issues to wade through in modern times. They have had to fight everything (including imposing religious figures and unfair, discriminatory laws), thus, they have developed a thicker skin. This newly molded drive has made gays the perfect candidates to start their own businesses and become the most powerful group in America. If you take this impressive, we’ll-never-die attitude to college, it’ll be worn away to the point where the politics, will again, win the day. F*ck that sh*t! Take the progressive mindset you’ve been blessed with to make millions in this flourishing¬†business world. If you give up the very thing that makes you leaders, you’ll become one of the nameless, faceless legion of p*ssies who are afraid to go after their dreams. (Ironic, I know) The struggle undergone by the gay component in this country has gained strength by unity. Don’t give that advantage away by going to school that only counts you as a number on their balance sheet that’ll pay for the dean’s new yacht. Strength for the gays are in their numbers, which are many. Other gays, bisexuals, and half of straight America is on your side. Did you as a gay man or woman gain this strength of fortitude just to live a “normal, ordinary life”? No! I think you’ve always wanted more and that’s what you’ll get IF you stay the course. It’s amazing, but who knew that sexual orientation would be the factor that could forge a domineering spirit that would allow one to accomplish more in a life than anyone imagined. Use it, because in college you’ll loose it. You must vehemently avoid the shackles of structure, as they’ll strip you of your brave mantle, and leave you as one of the 97% of society who simply obeys and does what they are told. That has never been the trait of a gay human, please don’t start now.

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