Why Doesn’t Class Represent Real Life?

Tricks, smoke, mirrors, illusions, slight of hand, and magic are all phenomena you’d expect to find in a showroom in my home town of Las Vegas. The truth is these same gimmicks are being used to make sure students never find out the truth about our present educational system.

What Is The Truth?

College ClassroomIT’S USELESS! I hate to be so straight-forward in crushing the dreams of those of you still hard-wired to the system, but the fact is everything we can get with a college degree can be had without one. Ponder this: Students who graduate with perfect averages don’t do so because they are better than you or me. They excel at most new things they attempt, thus, academic work is just one more thing they are good at.

If you are terrible when trying new things, and college is new to you, logic would dictate you would probably be bad at college course work. As indicative of the population, certain people are better suited to perform certain tasks. A percentage of the population is great at sports, and the rest only talk about it (you know who you are you arm-chair quarterbacks). Conversely, we don’t try to make everyone play sports, but we do try to make everyone go to college.

It’s Not For Everyone…97% Of People Should Not Go To College

Colleges believe they are the only ones capable of supplying you with books and a person (your instructor) to guide you through your expensive text. The same book is 70% cheaper online or anywhere outside of your college book store, where the mark ups are ridiculous. All that’s required for learning, thus an education, is a mind willing to learn and the material to be present. We can then figure out our own way to assimilate the information into our brains.

We are all individuals, therefor, we all think just a little bit differently. I can listen to an informative speech, never take notes, and pass any test because that’s the way my brain works. Our brains pic up information in various ways. Some people can’t operate properly without music coming through their iPod headphones. Other citizens must browse material over and over ad nauseam to commit the data to memory. Alternately, some humans cans glance a paragraph and tell you everything in it.

These are useful business skills that could create vibrant, profitable ventures. This will lead to the most exciting times of your life, making college look like a night at home with the parents. Alas, some of us will never to get to experience the height of that joy because all the school systems we’ve been a victim of treat us all the same way. We are to adhere to a strict, left-brained regiment where we don’t think, but obey. F*** that!

Why Don’t Classrooms Represent Real Life?

PissedTHEY CAN’T! The campus is fake, the curriculum is made up, and your instructor is pretending. This is the biggest marketing campaign ever executed on the American student, set up from the start of our lives. The college experience is a fantasy, an oasis in the concrete jungle. In real life, will people clean up after us, invite us to athletic events, give us grades, or allow us to run free on sexual escapes with the finest women on Earth? No! Ask your Dad and Mom if those sexual escapes are long gone. LOL

There is nothing abstract about doing any of the above things in school or college, on the other hand, there is a stark contrast between your sheltered college life and the harsh, bill-spitting, mortgage-producing, migraine headache-creating real world. It’s not fair because they don’t set you up for ¬†anything “real” that’s about to happen to you…least of all, money.

Money is not touched in school, with the exception of a few business classes that ply you with fake scenarios of fictitious companies from an instructor who’s never run one. Tragic. It’s just another wage-paying job. Do you feel cheated…I do. The f***ed up part about all this is money is the biggest part of “real life”. People do extraneous things for money, divorce over money, kill one another over money, send soldiers to there death over money, and may even sell their children for money.

Money Toilet PaperAm I saying you should love money? No. It’s a tool to use to make your life what you want it to be, but if you have none, life is extremely difficult. So why wouldn’t you learn the skills of making money from those in the “real world” making money. Why in hell would you sit in a class listening to someone who has never run a business or taken a risk in their life. It’s asinine.

It’s all a big production. A play put on for you, the unsuspecting audience who’s paying outrageously high prices for admission to the show. Some of you to the tune of $350,000. That’s a lot of cash…even for Hollywood.

Keep your money in your account and your cash in your wallet. Invest in your ideas, not a chance to be a menial slave. There is one thing in school similar to “real life”; that desk is awfully similar to a cubicle.

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