We Entrepreneurs Have To Work Harder For Ourselves Than You Do On Your Job, But___


Entrepreneur Vs Employee

We may have heard this truth sometime before, but I’ll say it again just for the record. We will have to work harder (maybe 3 to 10 times harder) for ourselves as an entrepreneur than we would for our boss on our current job…in the beginning and not for long. Let’s just sock-it-to-you right from the start, our jobs are easy. If we aren’t lifting railroad ties with 10 other men or killing opposing soldiers on the field of war, our job is cake. We love to say, “Look at all the stress I’m under with these deadlines”. Boo-f*cking-hoo. Our customers will drop our contract if you deliver late. So! It’s not life-ending by any stretch. Once we learn that our problems and stress are nothing more than a sequential release of hormones within our own heads, we’ll realize nothing is really as big as we make it out to be.

Do you like being a “bitch” to your boss. Running to get his coffee. Slaving to wash his car. Suffering through those soul-draining meetings. Taking orders from a tool you know is one step from being mentally challenged. I know how you feel and I’ve been there. I’ll introduce you to a hell of a resource I found via the interwebs. A guy named Raffy Calicdan¬†found or wrote this, but I’m giving him the credit either way. LOL Take a look at this and decide if you still want to remain on the employee side…

(Click on the chart to read it.) 

Entrepreneur Vs Employee Chart by Raffy Calicdan


Dam! Did you get all that? I’m done talking. You make up your own mind, BUT after reading this, something had to change in you. Start your own business! It won’t be long before you are traded for a machine that’s able to perform faster and better, without complaining.

Think about it…if you do a job for years with no new training or innovation, anyone can replace you. You are an interchangeable spark plug in an engine that can’t be anything but what it is. Are you willing to sacrifice your life to be a part on the assembly line until you die? F*** that!

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