We Are Being Trained In School, Not Educated

130507-A-DK678-010It’s time to give you a real scoop…no f***ing around! Schools (high school, college, grad school) see you the student as a dollar figure in their wallet. Any one in this world is free to make any choice they are inclined to. My job is simply to present the most accurate information from my position as an undercover “agent of the system”, a college-level instructor.

You can listen to all the big-mouthed dumbasses on TV on what we should do and how we should do it, but take it from me (someone legitimately on the inside looking out), no one is asking the students what they want. In addition, no one is giving you a perspective contrary to the uninspiring vision of the road to college.

We Are Being Trained In School, Not Educated

The whole purpose of our f***ed up school system is to convert the masses of creative, curious, risk-taking humans in our culture and morph them into order-following, overweight, intimidated, credit card-happy robots who lay, heal, roll over, and charge it on command! Again, you do what is best for you. I can’t live on my knees (Thanks Emiliano Zapata).

Trained Soldiers 4I’ve already done my time in “the yard”. For 4 years, I’ve acted like a good little boy whose done everything right. I’d gotten the degree, got into the working world, and after 30 years, still had nothing to show for it. Like one of my previous posts said, “There’s a reason they don’t teach money in school“. The less educated we are, the less apt we are to resist the boot being applied to the nape of our necks.

The educated man (women included) is one who has been trained in the ways of typical society. That used to be a good thing, but now, has become a detriment to the man himself. The interests of our culture have shifted from raising a family properly to witnessing d*ck-sucking whores become rich and famous. No judgement here. Thinking for ourselves has become scarce. What ever happened to the answers coming from our insight. From our gut. From our own minds.

It seems that knowledge can only now be derived from the latest program from Tony Robbins or the latest gimmick in the side ads on Facebook. We are so dependent on other people to lead our lives. Students in my college classroom still ask my permission to go use the restroom. Now, I’ve f***ing seen everything! Stop waiting for permission from an “authority” to tell you what to do with your life.

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