There’s a Reason Why They Don’t Teach Money In School

Presidential PowerIf we don’t understand what power is, then we won’t understand the concept being discussed today. The premise of wielding power is based upon convincing a mass of people of two things. The first being the mass of people would be better off trusting someone else’s judgement rather than their own. The latter being the followers are ignorant of the direction being proposed and relinquish control to a small few to navigate the path for them. So it comes down to trusting an authority and allowing them to lead us. Their is only one problem, once we bestow someone with power, they are hard-pressed to give it up.

You know what I’m talking about. At the highest level, there is our corrupt, tax-collecting government. We don’t want to pay taxes. No one wants to pay insurance on our rides. Who believes the government can protect us against “all enemies, foreign and domestic”? This derelict institution called the US Congress seizes control of our lives by turning us into indentured servants. They impose tax and many other “requirements” onto it’s citizens in order to have various “hooks” to catch an American participant’s lip. Once we’re late on our taxes, car tags, insurance, etc. we’re in debt. This gives these bastards the power to control us. See, now they have something on us. You only need one good hook to catch a fish, and almost all Americans have at least one hook in our lip waiting to be yanked.

The Correlation

This system of control is not only utilized by Uncle Sam, it’s used by all businesses currently operating in the United States (I can only speak for the US because I don’t live anywhere else). If you can’t pay your electric bill, they can cut the power to your household. If you don’t pay your car note on time, at any time, an agent of the company can repossess your vehicle. When you fall behind a few payments on your home, the lender can serve us, kick us out of our home, and sell it out from under us. All of these situations are common and strip us of our control.

PowerCollege is no different in this respect. As mentioned in previous posts, a university is a business. The goal of most businesses is to generate a profit for the owners of the respective business. Colleges are turning a huge profit on it’s students. There is no problem with making a profit, but when the cost of tuition becomes severely out of the reach of the average student trying to improve their life, I can’t go along with that. It seems to be woven into the fabric of American citizens to roll over and take it. I don’t know too many nice young ladies who would let you just jam your d*** into their dry, unaroused “cooch” without any love, foreplay, and lubricant. That might hurt! (If you’re a professional, then you might like that kind of thing) However, Americans seem more than willing to bend over, spread their cheeks, and get boned…WITH NO LUBE!

The above systems only work due to our willing ignorance of the workings of money. Did you ever beg the question (like I did), “Why don’t school teach us how to balance a check book, read a financial statement, what various accounts are, or how to invest and grow our money?”

The Truth Caboose

If the state-run school system were to place monetary education into their curriculum, that gives away a huge amount of power. No corrupt agency (or one greedy for control) will ever give up power voluntarily when they see a way not to. Go to Google right now and type in “home owner associations”. You’ll see how these useless entities are raking homeowners over the coals in a barrage of additional fees. College is no different. The price of “a good education” goes up every year, even in a recession. The goal for that institute is never to loose money. No matter what, we keep paying.

If the majority of us started to learn the truth…what mark-ups are, the true cost of goods, how to start your own business, how profits are better than wages, why people invest instead of work for more money, how financial markets’ moves affect general pricing of products… it’s infinitely more difficult to control us.

Modern authority still believes having a financially uneducated following is how to keep control, and this was true when they controlled all the media outlets. True to form, there is always another way. They didn’t count on the internet spreading faster than a California wildfire! Now you can find anything you want on any subject for free. The current leadership are betting on one thing: That Americans will never pick up a book or look up an article to get self-educated on the money stuff.

My Take

TrustI’m interested in having people listen to me. We all are. It’s how we leave a legacy. I know to leave a legacy, something has to be burned into the MINDS of the people who were gracious enough to support me. Not scraped into the wall of a seedy bathroom stalls in hopes someone will see it.

I don’t believe people need to be dumbed down and stripped of their control to develop them into subservient followers. The target for me is to supply information to give you options. Then you’re able to become a leader in your own right. There is only one thing I want from those of you who read this…for you to¬†trust yourself.

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