The Ugly Side Of My Job And How I Made It Pretty

I love my job and I hate my job. Sound confusing? Not really. I love what I get to do at my job, meaning there is no micro-managing of my time. No one is standing over my shoulder telling me how to do my job. My administrators give me certain standards and then leave me to my devices. It’s the best job you could possibly ask for…in that respect. However, it’s still a job. Something my brain is unable to put up with. The fact is my time is still being traded for dollars and there is only so much money I’m able to make. Thus the ratio needs to be broken to allow for time freedom while making more money, no matter what I’m doing.

The Ugly Side Of My Job And How I Made It Pretty

I’ve recently been bogged down with more hours at the gig. I’ll now be working 12-hour days for 3 weeks, which is not the worst. As I said before, I’m a college instructor. Therefor, I’ll have to spend a great amount of time on the weekends grading homework and reading papers. I could suffer the tortures of the damned for 3 weeks, OR I could use my brain to fabricate a solution to make my life easier.

First, there is nothing I can do about the time I’m wasting on this. It’s what I’ve been given. When it comes to work though, us humans are genii at getting out of it. I’ve decided to let the students grade there own homework at the start of each class. One problem solved. I’ve picked up some hellified tips on speed-reading, so that enables me to knock out papers (with understanding) in about 60 seconds each. Not bad. Lastly, I’m installing group work into my lectures so that it’s not the “Mr. Jackson Show” all the time.

Dam! I should have gotten more hours a long time ago. It’s extraordinary what the mind can do when pushed. Now, I’m also starting my real estate business during this time, thus, I won’t have much time to write this blog. I’m still going to be contributing at least twice per week towards the weekend for 3 weeks. After that, I’ll be back on track with my posting. Sorry about the delay in this vital school-hating content, but you should know by now that it’s a waste of our human-given spirit. We are not horses, stop letting the school system attempt to “break” us.

I’ll see you all in the next post. Stay vigilant!

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