Some Students Deserve To Be Whacked!

Some Students Deserve To Be Whacked!

DunceWhoa Nelly! (The Roy Rogers Show) Sometimes I have to yell this to myself privately right before I contemplate ending a student’s academic career. The city is Las Vegas and it’s what you’d refer to as a transient town. People come and go, there lots of poverty, but there are some of us who make a pretty good living out here.

Having said that, this lazy culture out here in the desert naturally creeps into our schools. The high schools are ranked dead last in academic progress (50 out of 50 states). If you visited Las Vegas, you’d see why. This is how lazy the culture is and feel free to test this for yourself: if your driving down the street in Vegas and see someone jaywalking, speed up as if you could possibly hit them. If they don’t run, they are from Vegas. In the event they run, they have to be from out of town! LOL

There are no standards left as barriers to get into college. If we have a good credit score, we’re in. The entrance exams are so blissfully easy that your 6th grade niece could get in without trying. Rightfully so, the colleges have to make this concession. If not, they wouldn’t have any students. See, when capitalism creeps into health and education, money is put before personal well-being.

I have to be blunt, half our students should be whacked! There is no way these students would be accepted by any important college in the nation, yet, they have a home here. I reiterate…LAZY! There are always students who test your nerves, but some are dumb, demanding, and entitled. There is nothing that’ll pisses an instructor off faster than this fatal combination of personality characteristics.

A bit of advice for the dummies: You got in. Now all you have to do is shut the f*ck up and mind your own business.

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