‘Opportunistic Investor’ Training Is Over, Life Is Just Beginning

‘Opportunistic Investor’ Training Is Over, Life Is Just Beginning

The last training day was amazing just as the rest of the training was, but I didn’t sign up for the advanced training, which was cost-prohibitive. I’ve learned enough to get started on some large deals and put some money in my pocket in the next few months. There is nothing we can’t do. Our minds are the only barriers to our own success.

Some wonderful things were witnessed at the event, like kids taking notes feverishly up until the end of the third day. I bet they wouldn’t have done that in school! This information I thought would put most kids to sleep had them excited. I spotted 4 kids in the room, all of which stuck it out until the end. I wasn’t allowed to snap pics or I would have posted some in this post for you, but the time we spent together networking was a priceless experience.

Just like anything else in life, there were a bunch of complainers who bought their way in just like all the other future investors, but all they could come up with were reasons why this wouldn’t work. When I sat down at lunch with some of these people, all I could hear is bitching about their jobs. So I excused myself from the table to convene with others who were focused on real estate and not their awful, mind-numbing occupation. Life is way too short to waste listening to unhappy people talk about how unhappy they are. F*ck me!

The education I received in these 3 long days taught me more about money, business, and real estate than I’d learned previously in my entire life. How is that possible? This information is not taught in our schools for a reason…IT’S TOO POWERFUL. If the average person mastered this stuff, life would take on new meaning and the TV would stay off. Yet, with this information out there and available, people are ever-more distracted by their favorite television programs or the latest drama on Facebook. Seems like a waste to me, but it’s not my life. I was given one life to worry about and I won’t take on the burden of anyone else’s.

If you get the chance to improve yourself and you are given a vehicle to start doing something you love, TAKE IT! Those kids in the class inspired me to no end with what they want to do in the real estate business. It’s incredible. I have now been exposed to something that has fueled a passion I’ve held for 8 years, and now have the confidence to act on. I’ll let you know about my progress in 6 months.

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