My Last Day At ‘The Opportunistic Investor’ Training

In an effort to become wealthy, I mentioned a few days back that I’d be attending a real estate event called ‘The Opportunistic Investor’. Well, the information has been super effective and because I’ve done real estate before, it’ll be a bit easier for me to act on this information. For anyone who didn’t do this before, good luck! There is a lot of information! I’m not saying that anyone couldn’t do it, but my snub-nose in the boot is I possess a verbal-linguistic learning brain. Thus, I can hear something once and I’ve got it. I’m not one who needs a lot of hand-holding for learning tough businesses. I mean, I understood what a Fibinocci sequence was the first time I heard it (look it up…LOL).

My Last Day At ‘The Opportunistic Investor’ Training

Bob GriesThis morning will be the last day for the event, and I think it’s time to get a big, positive, travel-filled life started, not that it hasn’t been that way already. The days have been long so far, but I’ve always been in favor of superb education that doesn’t have anything to do with school. I’ll put it this way: we go from grade school to high school to college and if we pass everything in the allotted time, we’ve spent 16 years in school only to have a job where the average pay is $30,000 a year and we are “blessed” with a 3% raise to accompany that. Break out the f*cking Colt 45!

This event has endured all of 3 days for 8 hours per day at a cost of $197 and I’ve learned how to make $10,000 a month. Having said that, the $10,000 per month is unrealized. So I’m not going to go out and teach classes on this just yet, but I’m looking forward to constructing a business that will pay for all my basic life needs while supplying the opportunity to fly private to Italy for real Italian cuisine. I can’t tell you how much I love to learn. This is incredible, so I’m leaving now to take in the last day and after that, get started with this passionate dream of mine. I case you were wondering, yes, that’s me in the pic. Like you didn’t know most men love Superman! LOL

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