Listening: Hear Then Respond, What Happened To The Other Two?

Some college students get upset with me because of the stand I take. If you don’t like it, no one said you had to. It’s my world and I’m just trying to bust a nut…or is it supposed to be I’m just a squirrel trying to get a nut. Whatever! Just like the one-sided, anger-ridden a**holes who comment on the yahoo stories, whenever people find something they disagree with, all logic goes right out the window in name of ignorant emotion.

Listening: Hear Then Respond, What Happened To The Other Two?

ListeningAll the anger I get just proves my point. I have no f*cking idea why, but college hopefuls still cling to the idea that endebting ourselves for a cheap piece of paper will, someday, lead to a better life. You may find this hard to believe but a degree from a useless brick and mortar business will give you no advantage in this life. I know, I know. We think it’s ok to pay insane amounts of cash for an “investment” where the yield is nearly zero. Let me put it this way, would we pay $50 for a Bic Mac? Hell no! So why do we feel it’s necessary to pay upwards of $50,000 for a $2,000 education? (Silence)

When I make statements (like the one above) about college, students are quick to defend their school colors like they are collegiate crips and bloods. Again, going right from hearing (or reading) the information to reacting to the information.

What’s the sources of all this anger? Could it be that I don’t know what I’m talking about? That can’t possibly be. I’ve taught at every academic level and even now, I’m still an award-winning college instructor who sees the situations I tell others about everyday, so that’s out. Strike one. Am I doing this for the money? I don’t see any ads on my blog space (a few may pop-up in the future, but minimal) and I’m not being paid to write this. Strike two. Wait, I’ve got it. Is it completely possible students love their schools so much they’ll blindly protect it against anyone who speaks ill of their alma mater? Hold on school-pride junkies! Just yesterday the news media referred to students as “dollar signs with book bags”. I HOPE we are not defending THAT! So I’ll boldly anounce, “Strike three!”

Let me give you “hot heads” some education, no tuition necessary. There are four stages of listening. They are…

1. Hear – Registering a sound wave within our brain.

2. Interpret – Understanding the words spoken, putting them into context, and gathering their intent.

3. Evaluate – We can now come up with choices in which the outcome is favorable to us or others.

4. Respond – We are able to effectively return words based on true understanding rather than baseless emotion.

I’ll supply an example. Some dullards in the world believe all black people eat fried chicken and watermelon. Often, this comment is used as an insult. These idiots see a black person (visual = hearing), then they jump immediately to step 4 (respond) with the fried-chicken comment, entirely skipping steps two and three. Had they taken the extra 1 second (literally), they’d have asked, “Is it logical that all people in one group eat the same thing?” or maybe even, “I know other people in every other ethnic group eat fried chicken and watermelon, so am I being one-sided in my derogatory statements?”

Why do people skip steps 2 and 3? They require us to think.
Professor X



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