If You Hate Your Co-Workers, Don’t Get Another Job

The first empty bit of time you get today, take a few minutes to study personalities. I didn’t say you needed to become the foremost expert on the subject, just pick up some valuable insight on how the human mind reacts in certain situations, why people act the way they do, and how to spot these personality types in order to get what you want out of life….peace of mind or maybe even a big check!

If You Hate Your Co-Workers, Don’t Get Another Job

Work SucksI’m suggesting the above advice due to the fact that most people jump ship as a result of hating the people they work with. Conversely, if you are quite joyous with the job you have and it’s all rainbows, lollipops, teddy bears, and taffy, then you can skip your happy ass down the yellow brick road. This one isn’t for you.

For those of us who have to work with other people and might one day separate one of our colleagues cranium from their spinal cord, this post is definitely for you. Don’t fret, this is not a sadistic writing where I’ll show you how to stalk your co-workers in the parking lot at night to abduct them. Nothing like that, but in some of our minds, we’ve already serial-murdered one person over and over again. Stop it, bad doggie! This won’t get you anything but high blood pressure and a bottle of Xanax.

If your mind has reached this low place (and mine did at one point in my past), then you’ll come to a phase in life called “I don’t give a f*ck”. We get so stressed to the point our brains can no longer deal with the predicament, then it has to find ways of releasing the pressure on itself. This will go to one of two extremes. We will withdraw from the situation and people altogether, avoiding interaction, and developing an attitude of hating people in general. Contrarily, we could also get “fed up” to the point where we “snap”, where others in the workplace are on the receiving end of our rage, rant, or even our gun. *Search ‘post office workers’*

Having vomited my psycho-babel all over you, the point is people don’t act in a particular manner to piss you off. They do so because it’s built into their personality. Our personalities are nothing more than a set of beliefs we picked up over time that tends to guide our behavior. Due to this variance, humans in society value different things. You’ll run into some people who’ll nonchalantly say, “There is no God”, but simply by saying this, we can deeply offend other believers who’d take great offense to this statement. They might just end up hating the one who said it. See how religion can start wars.

People are not trying to purposely upset you. It’s just their nature. At times we’ll come in contact with someone and their energy is so negative, our energy immediately takes a drastic dive as soon as we see them. Why would we let someone affect our optimum vibration so acutely? It’s because we don’t realize their behavior is derived from reacting to the adversities of life, not creating the lives they want. We as humans must see value in something in order to carry it out. That includes orders, missions, and ideas.

We want power to control our lives and not allow outside circumstances to interfere with creating a better life and more progressive mindset. Your co-worker is not trying to annoy you, they’re just annoying. That jagoff boss you have is not trying to be a douche for your benefit, they simply are a douche! Feel better? Yes! Don’t take anything personal, as most of us have a habit of doing. If you do, others will always control your life. F*ck that!

Why You Shouldn’t Get Another Job

Workers GossipThe same people we leave behind in our present job will follow us to our new job. I’m not speaking literally, but the same personality types we find at one job, we’ll definitely find at the new job. There’s no way around it. Unfortunately, people are starting to think the same way about everything via the powerful brainwashing of mass media. It’s amazing to find people who believe they are so unique yet still one of a pre-determined set of the cookie-cutter personality types media has picked for us.

I’ve come to see people for what they are…a collection of past life experiences which cannot be washed away. We literally have to make the choice to change. Nontheless, if we never stop to think anything is wrong with us, then we continue to think and act the same way. If none of this is sinking in, YOU are the motherf*cker at work everyone is avoiding!

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