I Told My School and Job To F*** Off, Now What?

Quit Your Job 1It’s a very exciting feeling knowing that we must awake at the same ungodly hour every morning, drive 50 minutes while we vomit expletives at our fellow rat-race road warriors on the way to work, tolerate that dipsh** manager who’s waiting at the door to tell us what to do, accept we’ve just been given a 2% raise that came out to a whopping 45 cents, and we’ve got a pile of work big enough to choke a hippo as soon as we hit the door. Dam! I apologize for the sarcasm.

I know I’ve just depressed you, but buck up. You’ve only got 40 more years of this sh*t!¬†Then you can enjoy your reduced lifestyle and maybe even take a trip, but don’t count on any excursions (the fun stuff) because your retirement distributions won’t cover those. This is probably not the time to mention it, but you’ll probably be too old to enjoy jumping off a cliff, hang-gliding, boogie-boarding, or any other high-activity outings, seeing as seniors usually resign themselves to “taking it easy” once they hit 50 years of age. Ready for a jolt? Read on.

Try This…

Office SpaceOn Sunday night, turn off your alarm clock so that it’ll be dead silence Monday morning. Now during that Sunday evening go watch TV, cook your dinner, or better yet, engage in some heavy-breathing, sweaty sex so that you’ll forget you turned off the alarm. Hopefully, you’ll be worn out to the point where you don’t stress out about it too much. On Monday when you wake up, you’ll notice it’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaay past time to go to work, and you’ll probably panic, and try to rush to get ready. RESIST! Roll your ass back over and go back to sleep for the entire day (have you seen ‘Office Space’?).

When you finally awake, you’ll realize that the world didn’t end, and no one called you until half way through the day. Meaning, you weren’t missed all that much. Somehow, they’ll get along without you. Do this for three days and an amazing phenomenon happens, you get tired of just laying around and doing nothing. Your mind starts to kick in, then your conditioning will nudge you saying, “I’ve got to find another job”. Again, RESIST!¬†After all, you didn’t just cleanse yourself of the disease known as the job market (worse than HIV and Herpes combined) for nothing.

Let Your Mind Push You

Your epiphany should hit you on the 4th day. When you’re aware a job is not an option for you anymore, the natural question arises. No one has to tell you, you just know, “How do I make money to maintain my home and pay my bills?” This answer will vary depending on who you are as a man or woman. Your brain will kick in and answer, “The Internet”. I’m not saying you’ll make money by selling things through the internet (then again, you might), I’m saying use the most powerful tool known to man to perform your research on something that has a hungry market, good profit margins, and low cost of entry so you can get started fast. I reiterate, YOU MUST CHOOSE WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU.

Since we’re close, I’ll lay some of my trial-and-error experience at your feet. Please don’t buy any ebooks, courses, or club members until you’ve done deep due diligence. You could blow through 5,000 bucks without breaking a sweat on the internet and you won’t get it back! Take it from a reformed sucker!

No MLMs. No, they are not scams or pyramid schemes, however, you WILL NOT be successful to the degree they tell you (trust me) if you are not the head of a large group of attentive people. If you’ve build a list of trusted followers, this is a good way to make them defect. They trust you because they like you and believe you have their best interests in mind. MLMs have a good reputation for destroying relationships. Don’t.

This is when you have to display the bravery to chase down that idea that’s been rattling around in your brain for the last 5 years. Is it a new type of dating site? Can you prototype an invention to zip a woman’s dress when no one else to there to help her? Can you write a manual to train any dog in two weeks? Maybe you’ve been thinking of penning that new book to achieve your dream of becoming a best-selling author. These are all possible if you kick down the doors of your mind with labels on them that read, “That’ll take too much time”, “How can I write a whole book?”, “I fail at almost everything, this will just be one more thing I’m bad at”. Your thinking brain can be your best friend AND your worst enemy.

We all know negative thoughts will inevitably enter, but it’s on you to force your conscious mind to DO THE ‘THING’ ANYWAY! Whatever your ‘thing’ is, do it. If you have a talent, flaunt it. If you have a gift, share it. Finally, if you have absolutely nothing to offer (I sure as hell don’t believe that), LEARN IT! You don’t have to be Tony Robbins, you just have to know more than you people you are selling it to. Nevertheless, do NOT stop there. Knowing barely more than your customers will get you “caught up” one day, and you’ll have to do a lot of explaining. Keep learning about your venture, they will love you for it.

Our Ideas and The Truth

Biz PlanThis information will come fast, so keep up! True to form, most of our ideas won’t be worth a sh**. They sound good, the concept is solid, our friends say it’s a “can’t miss”, but until someone pulls out their wallet, it has the value of toilet paper after you’ve wiped. Literally, you can’t sell that sh** anywhere! We HAVE to find a market with money that’s ready to buy. Second, it is necessary to create a consistent, intriguing message to catch the heart of our market customers. Definitively, we’ll have to devise a plan to accept money, take care of our customers, and continue providing value (I hate the word value, but there aren’t many alternatives). Here are some guides for your “jump”…

1. You are NOT to join anyone’s organization. It only withdraws from your ability to provide value (there it is again). No MLMs, clubs, ebooks, and the like. Just learn. All the information you need is online and free. Put in the time.

2. Don’t become a spammer. We hate it and so will your potential customers. They will never talk to you again after the experience. Speak and write from the inside. That’s what connects to humans.

3. Find a medium between making money and something that aligns with your “joy button” (I made that up). If you are making money and hate it or if you get pleasure from the venture but aren’t making any cash, both will make you want to quit pretty quickly.

4. Weave your ideas into anything you decide to pursue. If our ‘thing’ has ‘us’ in it, we are much more likely to follow through.

5. Do it now! Carefully and slowly examine your hands. View the palms, the thumbs, the knuckle in between each phalanx. A few years from now, this will have changed. There will be more wrinkles, some cracks, maybe a scar or two. You’ll never get back the hands you have today. Thus, you’ll never get to relive this day in your life. Do something while you can do something.

Ok. Now I’ll shut up. Tell me…what venture do you have in mind? Comment.

I thank you for spending your time with me.

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