Homework: A Clever Ploy To Waste Your Childhood

Girl doing homeworkThis will be short, so don’t go for a soda or anything. This homework stuff has always pissed me off. It always seemed to me it was a way to distract us so we stayed out of trouble or didn’t worry the hell out of our parents. Most likely, it was so the teacher could shut us up or keep us busy so we wouldn’t ask so many questions.

I know it’s not a malicious ploy that’s done on purpose, but the soldiers of Hitler’s army who ran the concentration camps were “just following orders” to. Am I telling you that our children are a part of a modern-day Holocaust…no. However the way things are going today, I would venture to say they are part of a modern-day slave camp.

Homework is a tool of the system meant to break a child. Your kids should be exploring their bodies, interacting with other little ones, and finding out all the wonderful gems life has to offer. Not having their brains bombarded with useless, fabricated, rigid nonsense only meant to make them proficient in an obsolete skill.

Case in point: Math is only needed to solve math problems. Unless we plan on being a math instructor, mathematician, or (maybe) computer programmer, there is no use for an entire class covering mathematics. This applies to most of the courses offered in college, even high school.

You are born and you die. What happens in between is up to you. If you let schools waste your time with homework, then you deserve what you get. Have some balls and get a plan together on what you are going to do once you quit school. Remember, high school and college dropouts run the world, so put on your f***ing parachute!

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