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Bored College Students 2Why the f*** are we sitting in a classroom in this modern technological era? I could cut us some slack if we were in front a computer learning only what is relevant, home schooling our kids so they are not just a serial number in an uncaring system, or pursuing our own calling as an entrepreneur so that stress over money is never an issue again…BUT NO! We are sitting in a classroom learning theory from  lifeless codgers who have never been in any better financial situation than us. Talk about the blind leading the blind.

We have a choice now to make in our life. Do I do what my soul is acutely screaming for me to go after OR do I listen to the struggling people in my life who want me to play it safe, stay in school, get a good job, and save up enough money to survive my retirement. Wow, what a choice. It’s blatantly obvious which one we should do, but most of us decided to settle for the latter. The safe, boring, non-challenging path of a mediocre, desperate existence. Why?

The Naked Truth

Here’s my belief. We have been told what to do since we were “shat” from our mother’s birth canal. Our parents have told us what to eat, how to dress, what is acceptable, what to say, and what not to say, who to date, what job to take, what friends to hang out with, even who to like!

Oh, it does NOT stop there. When we entered school, there were a whole new group of wardens ready to take the reigns of our lives. They were called “teachers”…and now, our boot camp began. Some of them really were teachers, but in my experience, most instructors only sacrificed there lives for a paycheck…the same thing they would teach us to do later in our lives. How could we possibly escape. If you see everyone in your life going to school, getting a job, and working 40 years in a job they despised, you’d have to conclude it’s the right thing to do.


Bored college students sleeping in lecture hallYears later, when our adult cognition kicks in, we realize the lessons we were taught rendered us dumb, unwilling to change, tolerating some monotonous labor we don’t care about, and hating life with a passion. Some people FEEL this so much they commit suicide. Can you imagine life being that bad, you’d want to end your own existence? That’s hardcore!

This set up is what I call “slave camp”. This antiquated system from Nazi Germany is a factory for humans (have you seen ‘The Matrix’?) so that if we are unfit or out-of-line, we can be suspended, expelled or terminated. Colleges keep us in check to a higher degree…and get this…charge you and I to do it. Oh yes they did!

Talk about a worthless investment. Lets assess: you spend 4 years at an institute of higher learning, countless hours cramming like a crazed maniac, writing 27-page books called term-papers, and spending upwards of $100,000 all just to get a sheet of paper! Read this sh** carefully. Go down to Office Depot and just buy the f***ing piece of paper! It’s what they did. I checked…it’s $8.95. That’s almost a 100% savings. Wow, I’m a hell of a salesman. LOL

The Trap

Schools are nothing but ways to tailor our actions and behaviors so we master spending, obey the law WITHOUT question, and protect the system by making it seem as if we are vested in it (taxes). Schools are our first indoctrination into “the system” as followers.

We are always seeking permission, begging for approval, and buying the solution to our lives in books, programs, and TV shows. One of my favorite movies is “The Matrix” because everything they symbolize in the movie was concocted from life. Remember the saying, “Art imitates life”? Free yourself of this system!

[Notice, I will start saying “you” instead of “we” or “us” from now on because I don’t think like this anymore, and do what I love (Teaching/learning about the human body and building residual income from my businesses)].


I know you are afraid to tell Mom and Dad what you really want to do with your life. I know you are afraid to be fired if you stand up to your boss. After all, how will you pay your bills? I know you are afraid of your spouse leaving if you don’t “make a decent living”. Some of you can’t stand the thought of the disappointment in your childrens’ eyes if you can’t give them everything they need. Most of all, I know you think your life will be over if you walk away…AND FAIL.

I’m here to tell you, NO! It will be the best thing that ever happened to you! Tell your parents this is YOUR life, and be ready to stay with a friend until you “make it”, in whatever passionate pursuit you go after. Be ready to tell your boss to f*** off if he can’t understand that you NEED time for yourself. Save up for when you quit or have another gig lined up.

Lastly, your life will not end if you do any of this. If this scares you, think of the alternative: 40 years of servitude for a dam gold watch! Oh, and the gold’s not real.

Home Schooling seems to be one of the biggest exits Earthlings are taking to diverge from the road of professional slavery. Parents can instill their own values into their kids. No listless teachers, no subtle brainwashing, and no crippling vaccinations meant to destroy mental capacity and good health! If my offspring are going to be brainwashed, then I want to be the one doing it. This could backfire for some parents (ignorance has no limits), but ultimately, it’s the best thing for most children growing up in a TV and tablet obsessed environment. 

Glasses up…To LIFE!

Mystery Man


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