Hell No, I Will Not Concede But Some Are Better Than Others

Some of my friends have been all over me about this blog and of course, I won’t change one f***ing thing I believe about schools, colleges, and universities. They’ve been belaboring the point that some things we learn in schools are useful. Then I ask the question, “Is a school the only place in the world learning can take place?” That one usually ends the conversation. The textbooks used in high school and college can be found online (or offline) and videos of passionate teachers delivering the information effectively can be found via Youtube.com.


I Hate School 13Then my buddies produce an argument that sounds something like this, “You can’t throw out the entire system just because it’s not as effective as it use to be”. I can’t? Yes I can. Politicians, baby boomers, and many other worriers who are dependent on the system fight to protect it, not because it works, but because they are used to it. People hate change in light of it’s difficulty. When they take our favorite show off TV, we write in to the network to try to get it back on the air, and sometimes, they do. Some people resist change so virulently, it never dawns on them they might have found another show they would enjoy even more.

These friends of mine then bring up the point that I’ve been through the system, and would not be where I am had I not gone through the school system. No sh**…I’d be rich by now! The enabling of my parents, the counterproductive academic exams, and the introduction of theory without real world application dulled my creative spark for a long time and initiated me as an enemy to this system. I’ve been free of those restraints for 5 years now, and my mind is free. Nothing will change that…EVER! Sure, I have this job because of my degree and it’s has made me a decent living. Get this though, I started my own real estate company without needing my degree, and made a fortune of $110,000 in 5 months, almost 3 times my normal salary.

The Point

Sir Ken RobinsonWe can make all the dumbass excuses we want, but there is nothing that can be said to protect our academic system meant to snuff out creativity and mold a docile mind. If you believe you were put on this blue ball called Earth to fulfill a purpose, is sitting in a cubicle part of that purpose? Is not seeing you kids grow up part of that purpose? Is working your fingers to the bone 8 hours per day having life slip by in a blur part of that purpose? If so, keep going. You are doing a great job. If, however, it’s not part of what you hold as your mission in life, do not be afraid to turn the f*** around and change course.

Now, some of my cohorts have asked me would I consider giving some leeway on vocational schools that get right to the point and train people in a trade of their choosing with a relatively short completion time. No. I’m tempted to say yes only because there are no electives and most of the programs can be completed with in 8 months. The student can immediately go to work after school, begin receiving a paycheck, and collect benefits.

I have to stick with “no” on this because the student believes they are being “accepted” because of prior grades and the ability to pass a “skills test” to see if this is a career they are suited for. Little do they know these tests are filed away as paperwork just in case an audit is performed by the school’s governing body. The “evaluation” is not used to assess your skill at all. The real criteria for you getting in is your credit score. The ability you have to pay back the loan in the time frame given. If you have a decent credit score, you’re in!

The gist of this is you are severely limiting your options. Most people say they want an exciting, travel-filled, time-free life, but they act like they want a job as an office chair jockey. Don’t ask me questions about schools or jobs. I don’t agree and will not agree they have any value in this world or in our lives. Education can be found anywhere there is a mind willing to learn. That is the only measure. Not As, Bs, or Cs. Not standardized tests. Not boring, inadequate homework. Not stiff, uninspiring classrooms. Not f***ing dead-end desk jobs that end in you snapping and stabbing 5 co-workers with your Bic.

If you have any arguments for or against the system, I’m open. Talk to me!


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