Furthering My Education Outside Of College: The Opportunistic Investor

This is a time when I have to take my own advice. I’ve always believed I should have more than one “Sugar Momma”, in this case I mean incomes from businesses. I’m not quite bold enough to take on gigilo status right now…LOL! If you don’t take the time to build the streams, when trouble strikes, we are left scrambling for the next job. Who the f*ck wants another one of those?!

Furthering My Education Outside Of College: The Opportunistic Investor

Opportunistic Investor LogoI’ve decided to jump back to a game I left long ago…real estate investing. If you’ve read the posts under the “Life Is Good With AJ” link just to your right here, then you’ll know that I did pretty well in the real estate game while playing in the St Louis market. The opportunity this time is “The Opportunistic Investor” headed by an investor named Bob Gries.

The first time I sneaked into the real estate game, it was using the Ron LeGrand real estate system, which still works to this day. All the other guys who were doing real estate 10 years ago are gone. Ron has lasted all these years. There’s only one reason I didn’t go back to Ron for more training…his program cost me $5,000! Wow. This 3-day training I’m going through in a few days is only $200. What can you get for 200 bucks? Well, I’ll find out. I’m sure it’ll be some hardcore selling going on there and some upgrades that will be offered. I’m not a newbie to these things.

Anyway, just wanted to update you and let you know, there are much cheaper ways to make a whole lot more money than sitting in a desolate f*cking classroom listening to theory at a cost of $100,000+ that’ll make you $38,500 a year. Wouldn’t you rather spend $200 go to an intensive workshop for 3 days to enable yourself to make $50,000 per month? Seems like a no-brainer to me, but what the f*ck do I know. I’m a crippled product of the system to.

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