Crazy People Can’t Get Hired,Yet Make The Most Money

Wow…that’s a hell of statement to make. Please don’t be offended about the word “crazy”. In this case, I mean people who do things the rest of us would consider life-threatening or we just don’t understand why someone would want to do something like that.

Richard BransonLet me illustrate: Sir Richard Branson got a wild hair up his ass and decided to travel around the world. You may exclaim, “What’s so crazy about that?” What I failed to mention was that this occurred in a …tada…HOT AIR BALLOON! Now that’s whacked. Not an airplane. Not a ¬†yacht. A flimsy, unpredictable, at-the-mercy-of-the-elements balloon. Yeah, crazy!

Sara BlakelyHow about another example. Sara Blakely had the idea of an undergarment that would stop unsightly bulges from showing through women’s clothes and “hold it all in”. (What you women go through) Anyway, when she first came up with the idea, she had no money to go into huge production runs and market all over the place, so she took the small amount of money she had left and developed her first prototype. With only guts, she shopped her invention around but no one seemed to bite, but what she later realized is they were all men.

Of course, they couldn’t see the solution, men didn’t have this problem (at least, they weren’t going to deal with it this way). Eventually, she ran into a female buyer, who surprisingly, turned her away just like the men buyers. Then Sara thought, “They just have to see it”. She waited for 4 hours outside a bathroom, waiting for the feline buyer to go the the restroom. She accosted the buyer outside the women’s restroom, dragged her into the facilities, and made her look at the difference her garment made before and after she put them on. The female purchasing agent was amazed at the stark contrast. Success! The corporate patron bought a supply from Blakely that promptly flew off the shelves…igniting a billion-dollar per year business.

50 CentI’ve got one more for you. Hip-hop star Curtis Jackson (50 cent) started his music career in the ghetto. He’d gotten into a life that would seem to take his at an early age. While loading drugs/money into a car one night, he was attacked and shot 6 times in a set-up he never saw coming, originating from his success in “dealing” on the streets. One of the shots was to his face. It seemed that there was just another drug pusher cut down on the street, but despite the grim attempt on Jackson’s life, he lived. Curtis left the life so that his baby might have a father when growing up.

He spawned an epic hip-hop music career which over a few short years made him the “50 million-dollar man”. So you’d probably think that would be enough. Not for Curtis. He invested some of his hard earned cash into a product called “Vitamin Water”. Little did he discover his investment would yield a $400,000,000 IPO (initial public offering), of which $160,000,000 was his! From death to financial domination.

And you’re afraid to try to make a little money on the side in your own venture. Take a lesson from these crazy people and stop looking for the authorities in the world to approve you. Get off your ass and make this thing work! Richard Branson risked his life in a hot-air balloon to bring notoriety to a new brand he started…crazy! Sara waited outside a bathroom to kidnap a store buyer and force the buyer to watch her strip…and she bought. Crazy! 50 cent was the victim of an attempted murder, made $50 million bucks rapping, then invested a third of his hard-earned money into water…yes…WATER…and made it work. Crazy!

Be crazy. In today’s society, we are all crazy in some way. If you read a psychology book right now, I’m sure you could find something inside it that would have us all in a straight jacket. Stop waiting for someone to pick up your leash and guide you where they want you to go. Rip off your confining chain and live before this Earthly body is taken away from you.

Everyone in my family thought I was crazy to spend $5000 on a real estate course, but everyone of them wanted to get in once they saw me bank $110,000 in 5 months. No one thought I could become a successful model in our family, consequently, I did it for 16 years. When you make $3,750 for working three hours, it tends to change minds. Fast forward, now I’ve started another real venture on the commercial side.¬†This business is solid and I’m going to make this bigger than anything I’ve done so far in my life. If you don’t jump on something, something will jump on you.

My fear is it’ll be your boss. Show your friends, family, and neighbors how crazy you are!


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