The Crazies: Students With Attitudes

Find out WHY options are not available to you and HOW to potentially make those options (vacations, family time, 10 hours of sleep, a new home, an electric car, etc.) yours!

Most students who come to college have been pretty much beaten into submission. They are respectful, quiet, and only speak when spoken to. It’s sad that this is what we want a human being to become: A well-behaved robot with an affinity to follow instructions.

Yet there is a small subset of students who are like the wild buck running free through the streets! These thoroughbreds are looking to get everything done their way.

Now granted, this is never going to be allowed at a traditional school or a conventional job. Most pris…I mean…educational institutions have tools in their disciplinary box called suspension, write-ups, expulsion, and pay-withholding. All the coercion the system needs to keep us in line.

That’s not right! Because you don’t fit into the same circle hole as most of our dazed and confused society, you have to grind down the points on your star to “fit”. No!

We’re punished for thinking different. However, that’s where most innovative ideas come from. Everyone is not supposed to “fit”. Everything progressive we’ve enjoy in this lifetime has coming from this bold, non-conformist thinking.

Here’s the hard truth…that is…IF you’re willing to hear it:

There Must Be Slaves If There Are To Be Masters

I see. You don’t recognize the language. Let me make it a little more practical…

Employees have bosses.
Players have owners.
Children have parents.
Blacks have spending habits.
Whites have power complexes.
…And sheep have a shepard.

Thank God For The “Wild Child”

How boring of a world would we live in without the angst of those who dare to see differently? People are allowed to share their light, and some have no fear about doing so.

It’s not enough that we tolerate minds that think in this way. We must promote such a thought process, for therein lies the answers to our fast-approaching future.

The “class clown” is targeted, reprimanded, and sent to detention so as not to disturb the class, but he is needed. For without him, there would never be change. Without his example, you would sit, obey, and do as you’re told.

You’re A Stand-In For A Dog

Don’t waste your life listening to others bark orders. Otherwise, you may as well BE a dog on a leash. Time in any man or woman’s life is short. I must implore you to do what’s in you that will push this world forward…because if we’re waiting on the compliant “A-students” to come up with an ingenious idea, we’ll be waiting FOREVER!

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