Copy The Big Losers on ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’

It’s a bloody shame (I’m English today), but schools treat us as if we are going to be the next contestants on ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’. The accumulation of useless knowledge just to show that we can spew this venomous information back onto a Scantron only makes me want to hurl more. Andrew Carnegie said, “Why should I gather all this useless knowledge in my head, when at the press of a button, I have men around me who can tell me anything I want to know”. I am of the same school as Carnegie. Why stand at the free sample station eating one hors d’œuvre at a time trying to get full, when you could by a five pound bag (cheap) to eat whenever you get the urge?

Copy The Big Losers on ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’

Don’t feel bad for the poor bastards who got the first question wrong on this f*cked up show. It’s probably not the case, but this sounds just like something delusional politicians and our corrupt university administrators would produce just so they could say, “See, look at how dumb you look if you can’t answer these basic questions. Maybe if you had gone to college, you’d know more”. For those who actually think this way, eat an entire bag of dicks!

Coming up short in this game only means you didn’t let the system break your mind. If the system can’t make you answer questions, maybe you’ve built up a resistance to the gravitational pull of the Death Star. This rebel spirit can be harnessed to do something great and divorce us from the rest of dead, uninspired, oppressed thinking that is so prevalent today.

Jay Leno also has a show called ‘Street Interviews’ where he asks random folks questions they should know the answers to. The hook of the show is most of the people they interview are not able to answer the most basic of questions, which tends to make us sitting at home watching, laugh. We like to make fun of the “dumb kid”, but when we can’t get the answer right, it ain’t so f*ckin’ funny. This feeling of social torture, in feeling dumb, is what prods us to go back to school. Resist the urge! This is another lame reason fabricated by this system to make us feel it’s necessary to return to prison…uh ummmm…I mean to school.

I dare you to be wrong! It’s not going to kill you. Another variation I’ve heard of the same thinking is “fail fast”. This does not refer to a numbers game where we’re entertaining all the “nos” to get to the “yes”. I’m talking about gaining the character-building lessons of forging ahead even though everything we planned didn’t work. The young man in the epic-fail video above was wrong, but I’d venture to guess he’s going to work harder and appreciate money a little more now that he’s gone through this “hiccup”. Build your character, build your bank account, build your empire.

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