Community College Is Much Better Than It’s 4-Year Alternative

Skip it! As evidence seen in the above video, you should get right into the working world and start making money right away. DO NOT go into $100,000 worth of debt by going to a 4-year, life-draining institution. This leads to a job you don’t like but have to keep because we have to pay back the loan we took out that can’t be forgiven.

Community College Is Much Better Than It’s 4-Year Alternative

Community College is, literally, a school of higher learning you go to within your own city at a severely reduced price. Often it’s more fun than most people think. It’s close to home, we can keep our friends we’ve become close to, but if we need to buckle down and study, we may remain on campus in the “study hall” or in the school library. Don’t think a “C.C.” is the perfect solution to your problems after high school. Here are the pros and cons of the community college…

Caveat: I’m not speaking of vocational training schools, only community colleges. The information that is relatable to community colleges vary from those of a community college.

Pro #1: Reduced cost of education. Community college is a fraction of the cost of a traditional 4-year institution. There are no dorm rooms, big-name sports teams, or huge buildings erected in honor of dead people. This cuts our tuition drastically, but just to give you an idea…community college on average costs about $9,000 per year, which is usually the entire length of the program you signed up for. In the mainstay 4-year college, tuition is about 10 grand per semester, which is $20,000 a year and $80,000+ over the life of our college visit. Which would you rather fork over…$9,000 or $80,000? Tough f*cking choice!

Con #1: Our student loans are still government issue. If for some reason we hit hard times, these loans stick. No matter what. This is one of the soul reasons I advocate a detailed SELF-EDUCATION OR ONE OUTSIDE OF COLLEGE. The only way to rid yourself of these loans is to pay them off or die. Most don’t have the discipline to self-educate because of our training to follow once we are extracted from the womb.

Pro #2: No fluff classes. In a community college, you get right to the point. Even if there are some unneeded course stuck in there, they last at maximum 6 weeks, not 2 years. In a run-of-the-mill university, they allow you years at a time to “find yourself” at $20,000 a pop! Go get f*cked. Find yourself on your own for free. Colleges don’t have a monopoly on sex, drugs, text books, and discovering a meaning for our lives.

Con #2: It’s still a college. All the bullsh*t you go through at a regular college, you’ll see at the community level. Instructors that don’t give a f*ck, useless homework, busy work to fill time, high school attitudes including immaturity and bullying, and the list goes on. Again, I don’t recommend any school after your free high school experience, but if you feel you must go, the “C.C.” is a decent alternative.

Pro #3: Close to friends and family. If you get lonely or bored out of your gourd, your family and friends are right there. This is great as long as there is support coming from these people.

Con #3: Close to friends and family. This can be a good thing, but is often a terrible reality. “Framily” is very often a negative component in a person’s life. We are often asked to come back home to help out with the bills or to help raise siblings. It doesn’t seem fair but happens on the daily. Why go to college if there is always someone in my ear saying, “You need to give that sh*t up, you’re not that type of person” or “No one in our family has ever gone to college, what makes you so special?”. One question deserves another, why do you think most high school grads want to go “away” to college? Less distraction and more time to concentrate without outside interference. Besides, we don’t need Mom and Dad popping up while we are hosting that epic orgy in our dorm room! LOL

I’m sure I could come up with some more, but you’ve got thinking skills, use them to fill in some more pros and cons in the comments if you would please. For right now, I’m going for an organic smoothie! Mmmmmmmmm.

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