Colleges Use ‘Las Vegas Sales Tactics’ To Recruit Us

If Vegas is your thing, you’ve more than likely been pounced on by a well-dressed, pushy casino vulture. I love these people, but I have to make it sound good. These sales recruiters know as soon as you see them and they ask you a question, your automatic 3-foot thick, concrete, steel-re-enforced, defensive wall drops down with a vengeance. Recruiters are no dummies. They come bearing gifts. In their bag of grab bag goodies are free show tickets to the big shows we want to see. Now they’ve got your attention!

College and ‘Las Vegas Sales Tactics’

The show tickets we receive for being part of the free ticket game are a set-up. For what? Well, as anyone from the city of lights can tell you, you’re about to be whacked across the back of the neck with the “big money stick”! On the handle of the stick you’ll read “Time Share” and on the barrel you’ll read “$5,000+”. Ouch talk about sticker shock! We went from free to $5,000 as fast as it takes a Vegas hooker to take off her panties! (Hint: she’s not wearing any).

Colleges have, somehow, picked up on these aggressive ‘Las Vegas sales tactics’ to lure unsuspecting chumps…ummm…I mean students to their campuses. What’s free for a student? Well, first we get a nice free “show” called a campus tour which is a fabulous orchestration of fake exposure as to the experience we’ll have on campus. Everyone is smiling, having fun, and getting laid. (Oh…that last part is not part of the tour. That’s just what I did. LOL)

Anywhoo, university entrants are also provided with a free loan. There was a time not too long ago when a candidate for school had to put up a down payment to attend college. At present, institutes of higher learning are giving out loans faster than they dish out food stamps at the welfare office. Similar to the line jockeys at the welfare office, college students are given free money without knowing the consequences that will devastate them later on.

Nothing is free, not even the free stuff. It all has strings, chains, fishing line, silly string, duck tape, handcuffs, and ankle bracelets attached.

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