College TV Commercials Warn You, If You Listen

It seems colleges have more than enough money to run ads on television to attract it’s core demographic of students, especially here in Nevada. Little did I know, this epidemic is running rampant all over the country with vocational schools fighting for market share running commercial depicting people who are supposed to be a representation of us. If we’ve seen the people they put in the TV spots, I wouldn’t be flattered by what these schools think of us. Don’t wait for the ads to appear on TV, I’ve put a sampling on this very page…enjoy!

College TV Commercials Warn You, If You Listen

No offense but…who am I kidding…I don’t give a f*ck if you get offended. These idiots they use in their commercials to portray the types of people they’d like to come to their college are a certified f*cking mess! At the end of the commercial above, they literally add insult to injury by stating, “If SHE can do it, YOU can do it”. Wow! Quite matter-of-fact to me, they are saying if this low-life skank can get a degree from our pricey institute, then it should be no problem for anyone with just a little bit of common sense.

Observe the price tag on these sh*tholes. I was floored when I saw $30,000 for a nine-month certificate program. FML! Wait, wait, wait. We are willing to pay 30 grand to a vocational school to get a minimum wage job? Let me explain how many ways this is f*cked up. First, I don’t think we really want to be in debt for 15 to 20 years over a $30,000 tuition bill. The sad thing is, they’ll never inform the student of the interest that comes along with their loan. That’s what takes so long to pay it off.

One other trap set to crush our life in a heartbeat is the loan they “package” for us. It’s a non-forgivable leech on our back, but it’s so easy to get the loan. No money down, cash back to buy groceries or pay rent, even stipends are included. The lure is shiny, wiggling, and tasty-looking, but there is a big, fat hook in the middle ready to snatch our jaw! Think about this, going deeper into debt is no way to get AHEAD!

Lastly, the market is saturated with medical assistants, dental assistants, pharmacy techs (don’t get me started on this one), and vet assistants. These are nothing more than McDonald’s-level jobs with better looking uniforms. Once again, we are willing to go 30 grand in the hole for a $10 an hour job?! My time is worth more than that. At least at McDonald’s, we get a free processed dinner every night. LOL Besides here is what they’re really telling you in their promos…

Mystery Man

Professor X


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