College: How To Become A Better Slave

College: How To Become A Better Slave

Boy SlaveIf you know what indentured servitude is, then you know that college is the “Walmart” of this product. This is when someone imposes a debt on me (that I did not create), but I am obligated to pay it back anyway. It’s everywhere. The thing is, I have to be convinced that the debt is mine or forced to pay it. It’s the creation of slavery. I’ve just become indebted to someone else, therefore, a slave to them. This is now common in the world today.

As a college instructor, my students ask for permission to do everything, including going to the restroom! Now at the beginning of each class, I tell the students they are in college, they are adults, thus, they don’t have to ask to go to the bathroom. Just go. Yet and still, some still ask to relieve themselves at the risk of a backed up bladder.

“The system” (aka “the man”) has conditioned the average person so well that they wouldn’t dare think for themselves. It’s quite amazing. Pet owners who have a “wild” animal are so amazed when their rabid mutt ends up being a “good boy”. It’s great that the dog doesn’t tear out the couch cushions anymore, but you’ve taken it out of it’s natural state so you could have someone in this world that would actually listen to you. LOL Our system is equip to snuff out genius, PERIOD!

We are doing the same thing to every child that is raised in this age. The day of factories, high-pay for manual labor, and huge retirement packages has gone extinct. College has not changed in ANY significant way since the 1960’s. The vast majority of the elementary, middle, high schools, and colleges have the same dumb model of the students sitting in rows, listening to an instructor blabber on in front of the class. This is the best recipe I know for boredom.

The Test

Trained DogsOnce we’ve gone through our “kennel training” via elementary, middle, and high school, it’s time to see if you can be a “good boy or girl” in the ultimate test…COLLEGE. If you’ll notice, the a fore mentioned schools have students sitting in rows, pledging allegiance to the flag, listening to a dictator who is all powerful (in their mind), and enclosed by a fence so the students cannot get out! It’s a f***ing prison!

College is the first test of our life-long training. The fences have been removed, your attendance is not mandatory, but there IS waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more work for you to do! Now there is only one carrot being dangled in front you your face to keep you playing along in the charade…GRADES! You’ve got to have a certain GPA, get the best scores, not have any marks on your record for your attitude. It’s just INSANE! We “go with it” though because the repetitive promise of the education industry is “you’ll get a good job, start a family, buy a house, and live the “American Dream”…of debt.

These are all traps! Your home is not an asset. The family you want is a world of debt and complaining (it doesn’t have to be, but for most people, it is). Lastly, the job you’re going after, WILL become an act of self-sacrifice usually reserved for Joan of Arc. The demise of your spirit and life spark are imminent in this job you’re going after so fervently!

Now, you’ve put so many chains around your own ankles in various forms of debt that you are now an indentured servant. That job will only serve to pay you just enough to enable you to stay in your shackles. We’ve created solitary confinement and it’s a cubicle. Human beings were never meant to live this way, so why do we? The conditioning is strong. Free your mind! I’ll write another post about that.

Until next time.

Success, and success again.

Mystery Man


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