Buy Yourself Some Cotton Candy If You Are Going Back To School

When we are coming up as children, we are introduced to a magical, airy treat that blows our minds. It looks so good, yet it appears almost inedible. We take that first bite and it simply disappears into our mouths. I didn’t even get to swallow (that’s what she said…lol), nevertheless, it was one of the best things I’ve ever put into my mouth (she’s talking again…lol). The way the technician swirls it ¬†around the inside of the big metal cylinder filled with pink, red, and yellow delights was almost like witnessing a miracle. If you read the title or have a sweet tooth, you know I’m talking about cotton candy.

Buy Yourself Some Cotton Candy If You Are Going Back To School

Cotton Candy SpinnerCotton candy looks so thick, hearty, and filling when we look at it. It’s brilliant in color and has a delightful smell. You can’t wait to take your first bite. It’s dam near irresistible! On the other side though, it’s a very deceiving story. Once you take the first bite, it melts in your mouth so fast, you have to take another chomp just to make sure you tasted it. Yup…it’s there, definitely cotton candy, but this will never fill us up. It’s why they invented Kit Kats, knowing cotton candy was just fluff…literally.

After about 30 minutes and eating 6 cotton candy sticks, you realize it’s almost like you ate nothing at all. Then it hits…you’re sick from ingesting all the artificial sugars and coloring put into the sweet product. Before you know it, you’re disgusted by even glimpsing at a cotton candy cone. Sound about right? We are headed for the same fate when we say, “I’m going back to school”.

School will have this same effect on us if we go back to school. It seems like a good idea at the time, but once you get into it, it leaves you empty and unfulfilled. The unbearable headache and bloat you feel after taking down a sh*tload of cotton candy is going to feel ten times worse if you go back to school. Only this time, it’ll be debt and frustration instead of a migraine and puffy skin. If you like S&M, then this may be your thing, but if you don’t like to be whipped, put the kibosh on the dominatrix.

Every time I hear someone say they are going back to school, I know they believe new life is at the end of their next “graduation”, and I’d have to agree. However, it’s not the life they are pondering. What it really is, is a harder life. One filled with inescapable debt, useless theoretical nonsense, and loss of time from our life. F*ck what I just said, find a person who went back to school and ask them was the debt and time wasted worth it? You don’t even have to ask them, I’ll tell you…NO!

I will never try to convince anyone of anything (except a beautiful woman to take off her panties), all humans are equipped to make their own decisions. I’m only putting forward the truth so you are able to make an informed one.

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