BJ: How To Soar Financially and What It Means To Be Free

Roll of MoneyMany of us believe that if we hit those six special numbers on Wednesday or Saturday night during the Powerball drawing, life will instantly be changed forever…and it will…but only for a few years. We instantly have our knee-jerk reaction of immediately going out and buying the largest most expensive house on the market. We purchase 10 of the most expensive, exotic cars we can find as fast as we can find them. Then we are hit with the brilliant idea of helping out all of our family members who need it. Sound about right?

There is nothing wrong with carrying out the routine mission listed above for most people who strike it rich quickly. The problem comes if this spending equates to more than 10% of your total income. I’m sure you’ve come to the realization that $1,000,000 is not as much as it used to be thanks to inflation (the needless printing of money by our government which makes the dollar worth-less…LOL). There is an old and often-used saying which states, “A fool and his money are soon parted”.

How To Soar Financially and What It Means To Be Free

The commonplace, a fore-mentioned phrase about a fool and his money is readily used to refer to someone who came into quite a bit of loot, then lost it all in short order. This phenomenon is caused by us not possessing the appropriate mindset when being granted a large sum of cash.

If you have the common working man’s mindset, you feel anything happening in your favor in regards to receiving “Big Benjamins” is temporary. The thinking is “we’d better enjoy it now because it’s not going to last forever”. This is the thinking of 97% of the world’s total population. That means only 3% of the world’s citizens are prospering and living the way they’d like to live. No one ever said the majority was right, we just know the majority wins a vote, which ultimately means nothing.

Being financially free and making good money decisions is an internal mindset that can be learned and mastered, yet it’s only been done by 3% of the populous? Come the f*** on! Are we that lazy that we have let others run while we crawl to the finish line (death). Not at all. We’ve just been trained to follow.

Money Lessons

Financially FreeTake the example above of winning the lottery, every time one of us breaks the bank to win that huge $200,000,000+ jackpot then loses everything after a few glorious years, some idiot utters, “Easy come, easy go”. For you dullards who think this way, yes! It will escape your turned-out pockets the same way your check disappears every Friday you get paid.

For those of us with a more evolved money mindset, it would last a lifetime and stretch to eternity if we needed it to. People who uphold the easy-come-easy-go belief are destined to remain poor by their sheer thinking alone. We all have 24 hours per day. We all breath the same air. We can all buy the same food. We can all build the same connections and relationships. So why are some people able to fly private to exotic locales enjoy the best life has to give and not ever have to worry about money? Their beliefs!

In order to have more, we must become more. Self-improvement is a huge, profitable field around the globe for a reason…it works! If I were to give $10,000 to a bum on the street, it would no doubt be spent by week’s end. If I were to hand the same $10,000 to Warren Buffet, the money would have doubled over a year or two. What’s the difference? Warren knows how to invest the money for growth, while the bum only knows how to spend. Warren would purchase an asset (something that makes him money over time) and the bum would buy a liability (something that has little or value other than to the buyer).

Is buying the largest home, the fanciest sports car, or latest Gulfstream Jet going to add meaning to our lives. No. It never will. It’s nice to have and will provide some great excitement for a short while, but the glitz wears away quickly. Now you have to go out to buy the next new “toy” to obtain that same high. However, just like drugs, it takes more and more to get the same euphoric feeling. After some years, all you have is a pile of nice stuff and a feeling of self-loathing and misery. Not quite what we had planned.

When we buy all the “toys”, all we are searching for is the feeling we get when we buy the things. We are pursuing meaning in our lives. Some of us believe buying truck loads of goodies will make us feel significant, as if we contributed. Nonetheless, once we’ve bought all that we can buy, who have we helped? Has this supplied any love to anyone?

All of our worldly possessions and electronic trinkets will not make us happy. Happiness is the goal in life. Once we conclude that we the people of this Earth can be happy by simply choosing to be, everything else returns to us abundantly in the form of family, friends, and financial windfalls.

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