BJ: Be The Hero of Your Own Dam Story

Everyone is on this kick where they want to “live the good life”. There is absolutely, unequivocally, undeniably nothing wrong with that (and no I didn’t use a thesaurus to come up with all those big words). ¬†However, I’d like to make a small change to the previous phrase. Instead of “living the good life”, I’ll yank out my eraser to correct this. My gut feeling is we want to “lead a good life”. Some tiny shifts can make BIG BAD KICK-YOU-IN-THE-ASS changes.

Show Up In Your Own Life

LeaderMost of us have an overwhelming desire to lead. We want to be the general leading the troops. We want to be the coach inspiring and leading our team to victory on the field. More than anything, we want to lead our children in a direction that was more successful than the path we chose. Despite this yearning to be leaders in all of these respects, we end up being “extras in our own movie” (Bob Proctor, co-author of “The Secret”).

It might be hard to take this into your external ear canal, but let this bounce off your eardrum: No one (and I mean no one, including your children) cares about your life, beliefs, opinions or ventures enough to make them change in YOUR life. Think this through. Every other person on this blue spinning ball has there own life they were given to live the way they see fit. Nonetheless, as mentioned earlier, we are broken in at a young age. We are predisposed to follow, not lead.

CircusElephantIt’s your f*cking life! You have the power to drag it in any direction that suits your brain, yet most of us turn out to be the big elephant at the circus. Like the circus elephant, we have great and massive power to crush our “master” and take back the reigns of the Roman chariot we call life. On the contrary, the elephant “under the big top” was trained not to resist since they were a baby. After months of being restrained as a baby elephant (like me and you), the will to escape it’s shackles dissipates.

Ten years later, when the mammoth is at full size and nothing in this world could hold down this gargantuan beast, the slightest tug from a measly stake in the ground will make the elephant quickly loose it’s will. Sound familiar? From the time we open the door to Mom’s vagina and step out wearing our best suit, we are debriefed about how our life is supposed to go instead of finding out for ourselves. Going to school, going to college, getting a “good” job, and saving for a “decent” retirement all have one thing in common: WE FOLLOW!

Don’t sit “bitch” in your own car! Drive the motherf*ckin’ thing! Make decisions fast, no matter how much it hurts or disrupts your life. I know you’ve got bills, mortgages, kids, and a spouse with their boot on your neck…SO-F*CKING-WHAT! If you want to drop 50 lbs, you can’t just watch P90X, you have to do it. We can’t just wish for more money, we have to make it. Lastly, we can’t ask anyone for bigger balls, we have to grow them. I don’t care where you are in your life. If you’re rich, poor, struggling, child issues, dealing with weight, overwhelmed with stress, under massive debt, (add your problem here), I don’t give a flying f*ck. I didn’t say it would be easy, but it is necessary.

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