Agents Of The System: Truancy Officers

Agent SmithJust like Agent Smith was part of “the system” in my favorite sci-fi movie of all-time, ‘The Matrix’, there are nameless, faceless drones that roam the streets surrounding our schools looking for us. WTF? If I don’t want to attend school, I can go wherever the f*** I want. Well nowadays, maybe we don’t have that freedom.

Public schools don’t cost any money because the state supplies them with money to run the school. However, it’s not a flat rate that the school gets. Our public schools are paid according to the number of student heads our school counts in the classroom. The administrators make it seem as though they care about you “getting a good education” so that you’ll be able to “make it in life”. It’s all bullsh**! They get a set amount of money for every student they “confine” to a classroom. In my high school’s case, it was $10,179 per student per year. Illinois received a grade of “F” in money for value received. (Below)

Illinois High School Funding
(Illinois Money Received Per Student)
Illinois High School Funding 1
(Illinois Rank and Grade For Value Received)

As you can see, our performance on the standardized tests we take every year have no benefit to us. Those tests are more servitude training for later in life when we have to fill out those TPS reports (testing procedure specification). The plan here is clear: Make the students do so much work they don’t realize what’s really going on.

Truancy Officers (Agent Smiths)

The school system is purposely keeping students inside the school because of the money that comes along with your attendance! Even if you get no value from the high school (IE You sleeping in class), your school still get their “cut” from the state. What a f***ing racket. We may as well be chips on a table in a Las Vegas casino because that’s how our administrators are playing the game with us.

Agent Smith Pointing GunTo ensure the attendance of it’s money…I mean students, our high school has hired out legally justified thugs to round up students and bring them back to school, called truancy officers. Yes, our high schools have their own private police department! These agents of the system are paid from state money brought in by our schools. The massive amounts of cash brought into the school districts via state funding is staggering, thus, paying a bunch of goons to run around after us if we stray from our “education” is nothing.

They have the authority (from the state) to pick up our kids and take them back to school…EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE AT SCHOOL THAT DAY! I can’t speak for you, but I want my kid to be able to go anywhere he’d like to without being stopped, harassed, and shuttled back to a make-shift prison for conforming his mind into that of a follower. If you step out of line, they are (literally) there to put you back on it.

The unmarked white cars ride down a street near you, looking tediously throughout the city for a human under the age of 18 to “take down” and bring back to school. Some school districts even give out a bonus for confining our children. It’s disgusting! The moment they spot one of our offspring, they bare down on them like a cop on a “perp”. The “walkie” is full of chatter saying they’ve “got one”, now all teams are responding to our kids. They are treated like criminals. Questioned, harassed, shamed, and conveyed back to the warden of the prison…I mean high school. I mean principal of the high school.

Excuse the f*** out of me, but are we living in 19th century Germany or what?! If my kid doesn’t think school is for him, and he wants to do something better with his life, that’s what I want. I do not, I REPEAT, do not want a child of mine forced through a course of study that will condemn his creative spirit, train him to be passive, or start to convince him that this education system is worth fighting for. It’s not. If my mini-me is engaging in risky behavior, I’ll be there to straighten it out. I ¬†really don’t need the state all up in mine.

Neo Fighting


Do you know who’s patrolling your kids today?

 Mystery Man

Professor X

2 comments to “Agents Of The System: Truancy Officers”
  1. I think you make some excellent points. Your message isn’t being received because it makes people uncomfortable. Most people are plugged in and it just isn’t education. On my facebook I talk about our food supply and the cure for cancer and people rarely like that. It’s easier to be plugged in and once you start unplugging what do you do? How do you live life as a free thinker? It’s a gradual process. Who want to hear that every aspect of our societal life is base on institutionalize thinking? It was created. Good point on Germany. My questions are what would be your plan as a parent if your child doesn’t want school or what if he/she likes it?

    • What’s going on, Adrian? Thank you ever so much for coming by to read this post. I have to tell you, you’re comment actually made me think about how this might be used to help others “escape the system”. The point you bring up about my message making people uncomfortable hits the mark. I intentionally write to get a response out of those people who want something else out of life. As you can see, I don’t sell much of anything on my site (I might have an ad here or there), but I don’t want to subtract from the message. That’s only the beginning.

      Thank you for the FB research, you saved me some work! LOL The portion about getting people to gradually unplug is a great point and actually one of my long-term goals for the site. Time is what’s needed to get readers to get me. There are enough people out there trying to “ease” people out of the system. I want to “yank” them out. Those who read that might think I mean quit your job now, and deal with homelessness. Not quite, but close. I want people to quickly (6 months max) make a plan, start making money at there own business, and quit.

      To your last question, if children don’t want to go to school, parents should allow them to explore and find something they love to do. With the internet, everything can be monetized. Anything. If kids, teens, young adults want to go to school, then the system is all set up for them. I don’t have any work to do on that front. As for the former, I have plenty of future posts to address things to explore, but I can’t make decisions for them. Thanks again, Adrian.

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