Agents Of The System: The Social Convention Weapon

Even more so than the pawns that try to railroad us through the system, are the expectations put on us by the system itself which says, “If you don’t complete school, if you don’t get satisfactory grades, if you don’t get graduate with a degree, YOU DIE! I don’t mean that literally, but our educational system implies it. I have tell you though, working at your local neighborhood ‘Wendy’s’ will make you want to put a bullet through your brain. F*ck making a “Frosty”!

The Social Convention Weapon

The time for obeying is over. No one is standing over you with a pistol to your temple saying you have to do what’s socially acceptable. If we choose to graduate from “lemming school”, eventually you’ll end up in the ocean (lemmings can’t swim). One thing I thought my be the culprit leading us to slaughter is our attachment to organized religion. I’ve noticed human beings have a hard time separating one form of authority from another.

In my classroom, I tend to “master” my material so I feel the students are getting all they can, and may even do some research on their own. The thing that puzzles me is they start asking me for life advice. This transference humbles me because I’m honored they would talk to me about their lives, but it’s not deserved because I’m not a “professional psychologist”. Having said that, I’ve never let credentials stop me from giving advice or from taking an important job. I’ve never had a problem!

We’ve been whacked over the head with the stick of tradition for so long, we now accept the leftovers of the system. This is a wild phenomenon to me because most people I talk to, I wouldn’t peg them as “pushovers”. If you feel you were meant to obey, then do what you do. However, I HATE being told what to do, but unlike most, I’ve done something to change my outcome so it’s dependent on ME, not my employer.

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