Agents Of The System: Teachers

They mean well. Teachers are people who eat, think, breath, and pay taxes along with the rest of us. They do their job and follow the plan they’ve been given, delivering the state’s standards to our kids in the same manner a pastor delivers the word of God. The funny thing is the majority of people (54%) today deny the existence of God and to an even greater extent, our youth are dropping out of school in droves! Bravo, young people, bravo.

Agents Of The System: Teachers

Teacher and StudentMost of the well-meaning instructors of our young people are giving guidance in the classroom only geared toward helping our children to excel at standardized tests. In my professional opinion (having taught at every level), no real learning can take place presenting information to kids that has no relevance to their lives. The material put forth is dry, boring, tedious, unnecessary, theoretical, and mediocre at best. How can we as parents let our kids be mentally demoted by this kind of regimented chicanery?!

These lecturers of the school doctrine are of the same mind as our local police officers. They are meant to better society, uphold certain values and morals, help when help is needed, and aid common people in their everyday lives so that we may create an ever-improving way of life. Despite this ideal, teachers and “peace keepers” are reduced to petty pawns who mindlessly follow orders and enforce freedom-robbing rules.

Most of the scholars at the head of the classroom remind me of retarded children, they do what they are told by administrators because they lack the innate ability to do what is right on their own. These “retards” may end up hurting you or your offspring by mistake. The day faculty members stop following state standards is the day we will see a marked improvement in the thinking of our children. I’m asking instructors to stop being the mentally-challenged “rubes” of the state, and start being the scholars to challenge our kids to take a new path, one they WANT to follow. Even if that path does NOT go through school.

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