Agents Of The System: College Students

I never make it a point to go out of my way to enlighten any one on the path my life follows. It’s similar to a “Christian” trying to convince an atheist of the merits of God. If someone wants to inquire about the existence of something outside of themselves, then (and only then) will that human being be open to what is being offered. No sooner. There’s a saying that “You can’t help anyone who’s not willing to help themselves”. It’s a simple saying, yet we fight to alter people’s beliefs to fit our own every single f*cking day.

Agents Of The System: College Students

Student ProtestAs stated above, I’ll never try to convince anyone to do anything against their will. If there is some “schmuck” out there that would love to pile on the debt, look at an empty bank account month after month, take one vacation a year (but make it short or you’ll be fired), ask for permission to use the restroom, receive “benefits” we have to come out-of-pocket for, work away the good years of life only to party with your buddies in the assisted-living facility, and finally rot in a sub-standard retirement scenario of your own making. Dam! I might need some Zoloft after reading that. LOL

Some are already getting defensive. “The force” is telling me that you feel the above statement is designed to convince you not to go to college. Don’t put your mental words in my physical mouth (that’s sounds dirty). Yes, I am judging those who go to college. Yes, I am putting forth an argument not to frivolously burn money attending university. Yet, based on my judgmental statements above, you construe this as me saying don’t go to college. If you didn’t identify with the statement above, you wouldn’t be pissed right now. I used the word “schmuck” above, and those who want to go to college, will be upset because they place themselves in the story line above. If you’re not a n*gger, don’t answer. If you’re not an assh*le, don’t answer. If you’re not a “schmuck”, don’t answer.

I never said the things above would happen to you. It’s my opinion of what will happen to you. Don’t get agitated over something YOU read that I didn’t write. Implications are a motherf*cker! LOL Some of the future college attendees out there are quick to jump to the defense of the college cause, not realizing it’s not an institution of higher learning anymore, but a monopolistic enterprise only concerned with more profit and higher tuition.

Why do students defend the system? First, young people don’t know sh*t. Some are top orators, club leaders, sports junkies, experts in academic disciplines. Others drive super cars to school, register amazing GPA’s, and have scholarships coming out of their “corn holes”. Yet, they can’t talk to another human being with any modicum of politeness, skill, or depth. Life tends to elude those who have the most of it to live.

ProtestsSecond, who wouldn’t defend a system where you get to eat as much as you want, f*ck beautiful women at random (and often), experience different worlds off-campus, and have it all paid for by Mom and Dad? Hell, it makes me want to sign up! Now, Mom and Dad’s college fund will never cover the rising cost of education, thus, you will be left holding the debt bag (and maybe a leftover case of herpes from the cheerleader who told you she was “clean”). Listen closely, YOU don’t have to sign up for college! VISIT your friends in college and hangout. You get all the benefits without any money lost. The best part: you don’t even have to go to class!

Lastly, some of us are simply forced to go to college. In this case, I advocate a polite rebellion. Hold your ground. If you have to move out or get a job, you’ll have no debt and a better start in life. I have to say something here: don’t you ever f*cking believe you have to flip burgers, or take some menial job just because you didn’t get a useless degree. That’s what college grads do when they can’t get a job in their field. If you are not going to college, all you need is a plan and a burning work ethic to see that it gets done.

If the goal is to get rich, listen to me. You WILL NEVER get rich working a job no matter how much money you make. Those who pull down $2 million, $3 million, or even $5 million per year still live paycheck to paycheck. Don’t let high numbers fool you. There are simply more zero’s on the end of the bills.

If you want to believe college is the way, I concur. That’s your life. For me, it’s a fool”s path ripe with naivete and disaster. Oops! Are you feeding into my judgments again?

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