$200,000 For A Chance?

Ah yes…the promise of mediocrity. Some of us have paid nearly HALF A MILLION DOLLARS for a college education, yet nothing is guaranteed to you after slaving away to pay all this loot! In short, I’ve paid $200,000 for a chance to work for someone else for rest of my life. Yup! That’s about the size of it “Junior” (that’s what my Big Moma calls me). I paid money to learn how to work for someone else. I paid money to become a slave, an indentured servant, a lackey.

Hold On!

Wait, wait, wait! This can’t be right. I have to pay for school, can’t take any classes unless my payments are up to date, and I have to pay additional for room, board, and food. Are you serious?! It sounds like the only guarantee I’m getting from college is getting to give away my money for 4 years. Unreal. I must promise to pay for school before they allow me to subject myself to servitude, however, there is no reciprocation of that promise from the institution to me. Talk about a raw deal. Has anyone found that gold at the end of the rainbow?

To be honest, this infuriated me as I was going through the system, but when we are young we feel as though we don’t have a choice. We think, “Mom and Dad have paid all this money for me to go here” or “This is what it takes to get my life together”. These are statements of fear and ignorance. Tell Mom and Dad you don’t want to go IF college is not right for you. Don’t fall for the BS of “you’ll get used to it”. You can get used to prison to if you go enough times! If you have a hutch, feeling, inkling down deep that says “THIS IS NOT FOR ME”…LISTEN TO IT! Your Mom and Dad had there chance to live their lives, make your choices in your life.

Believe me, I realize not all students had to pay 200 grand to go to school. The state schools appear to be much more reasonable, but it is really? Lets break out the microscope: The average tuition at a state-run college is around $8000 per year. Wait! That’s just for your education (which can be had for free online, but I digress). College is just like attending a bait-and-switch sale. They get you there with low tuition, then come all the extras that are “recommended” when they are all but necessary. Room and board: $5,500 per year. Books: $2000 per year. Meal plan: $4,500 per year. By the time you get done with all the recommendations, you’re paying the same check per year as a private school! That’s $80,000…if you graduate on time that is! LOL


Money From The SkyI hate to laugh but it’s funny. We (I’m not excluded) pay to become docile muppets, tip-toe along trying not to upset the system, and die having served on our knees for most of it. That is not the life I want and that is sure as hell not the legacy I want to leave for a child of mine. If we keep working everyday, nothing in your life will change. We work to pay bills, surrender our time (that we can’t ever get back), neglect our children, miss out on vacations, can’t afford to do anything fun, and wake up everyday just to do it again. Wow, what a life!

I’ve started to make small changes everyday. Others of you may need to be “yanked” out of your situation by force because you are so used to carrying out your routine. You have to make a change or it will be that way until we are 6 feet on the other side of the dirt. Find something anything to put your time into for the betterment of your future.

The linear dollars-for-hours thing was for the industrial age, which in case you didn’t know, died about 35 years ago. Now this same system is being used to turn humans into obedient drones. Don’t allow your best years to be postponed until retirement, which keeps getting farther and farther away. Why not enjoy life now? Do it while you’re young, healthy, and alive.

Another thing…FORGET RETIREMENT! I’ve never understood how people could sit around for years waiting to die living on 40% of the money they used to make. Keep using your brain in a meaningful task, so that Alzheimer’s is not a condition engraved in your future. When a human being has no purpose, they begin to quickly die. Are you dying?

Get into something that makes this life sing!


Mystery Man

Professor X

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