512_x_512This “thing” I’ve thrown together might have bugs, look simple (by design), and take a while to get perfect, but you know what…IT WORKS! Signing up direct selling opportunity-seekers (leads) has never been this fun. There are existing ways to contact your associates online to be sure, and I’ll even tell you, the products on the market right now may be better than mine. However, you will never have as much fun creating a conversation with your business partners than with 12TICKS!

Being in MLM slash Direct Selling slash Network Marketing is hard in the beginning for 99% of you who decided to jump in this game to try to free up your life…right? Here are some ways they try to “make you successful” in this game. How about a webinar? For all you know, it’s a recording. The leaders always jump off so fast you rarely get your questions answered. After all, they tried to beat down all of your objections in the slideshow so you’d be afraid to ask them at the end.

I listened in on a webinar via my PC while one young lady got to ask a question. She got a whole 15-minute sermon as to why she should quit school! I agreed with the “not going back to school” part (thus the name of this website…LOL), but you need a solid path set, not a rah-rah fest.

Secondly, you might have some hard-nosed, slave-driver telling you to spend your precious coin to send out direct mailers, pay for FaceBook Ads, and “pick up” your packet of branding material IE business cards, letter head, stationary, ink pens, banners, pins, and anything else they can print a logo on. WHOA, WHOA GINGA!! (Seinfeld flashback) After you pay the money to get into any “opportunity”, most certainly don’t have the money to go out and start a head-on campaign with advertising giants who have tons of experience and megatons of cash. Are you serious? 

Lastly, you don’t work on a fuckin’ farm, so why are you wrangling? You know…gathering all the people you know and love, trying to get them in front of a professional closer, so he can “change their lives”. Sound familiar? I thought it might. Some leaders in MLM organizations are ginuine, yet others are only in this to fatten their own pockets.

Your family members are NOT business people, thus they may never see the benefit of what you see in this business model…that’s fine. The phrase ALWAYS comes up that this is a “numbers game”. So how much cash are you going to make getting Aunt Dorthy and Cousin Robbie into your business? Let me take that one…not much!

So I ask…why the “friends-and-family” list? Why bother people who play the lottery? Why bother your friends who think they are “ballin’ out of control” working 4 jobs? Never take advise from people who don’t have what you want, even if you are related to them. They may never see what you do in this lifetime, don’t waste your time trying to convince them. Most people tip-toe through life trying to make it safely to death. Are you among the 97% of “most people”? A man convinced against his will is NOT a convinced man. I don’t know who said that, but it sounded good.

The Good Stuff

Enter 12TICKS! This is nothing more than a simple way to invite people (not relatives) from all over the globe to interact with you on your terms. You give a presentation live via webcam. Nothing special there, but as they say in TV, “But wait! There’s more.” Unlike, any other webcam service you can use, the users are all muted except you! You talk about the opportunity you are involved in, and when you are done…magic happens. You hit the “go” button, and each of your users who have tuned in to view and listen to you have 12 seconds (45 seconds if you change the setting) to say something about your presentation or ask a question. After 12 people have had their time, it’s back to you while they are again muted.


12T Homepage Story TickerThis is a simple application. There are no powerpoints to upload, no special bells and whistles, no extras. It’s just you and your webcam, now it’s up to YOU to close. Links are clickable in the description box below your ticker, and as a bonus, I’ve thrown in something else for you. There is a “product ticker” below your live stream, so your users can go to any product page, blog, or favorite video on YouTube that you’d like them to!

Forget Google+ Hangout where every one is able to interrupt. Dismiss the webinars where people are cooking, watching TV, and trying to listen to you at the same time. Stop rounding up cold strangers in your living room to sign them up for this when all they care about is the free food you put out. Build your business fast, not through brutal trial, error, and wrangling! You know the network marketing trainings are hype concerts that come up short of motivating you. Do this right, build something solid over time, and 2 years into your future…you could be looking at a hell of a lot of free time, world travel, and freedom of choice.

All love,

Professor X

Oh…The “thing” (12ticks.com) is going to be available soon. Do network marketing…your way. You’ll see, just use it. Want to double your results? Build a blog and send your consorts to your 12TICKS site from there, we are talking about major power! Now go KILL IT!


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